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Saturday, December 27, 2008

War to Defeat Hamas, or to Win the Elections?

Posted by JewishRefugee

Israel has finally retaliated against the Hamas enclaves in Gaza Strip. Great start IDF, IAF, and the rest of the Israeli military; but the question arises why did this government have to wait for more than 2 years for this operation to begin? Qassam rockets rained down from Gaza on South Israel not just last week, but for years now. In other words no new external developments emerged for pacifists Ehud Barak (Labor), Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni (Kadima) to finally decide upon a military incursion into Gaza Strip. Except the internal developments that will come as soon as February 10, 2009: the elections in Israel. Kadima and Labor parties according to the last conducted polls that I do not believe in anyway has shown that these parties will suffer a major blow while opposition party Likud will win a crushing victory over the lefties. So here we are trying to understand did the current Israeli political establishment (Kadima and Labor) go into war to defeat Hamas or to win the elections?

It is kind of intriguing that this government had more than two years but it decided act right before the elections or to be precise 43 days before the elections (today is December 27, 2008). Do Israeli’s have short term memory? Have we forgotten Second Lebanese War? Have we forgotten qassams that were constantly fired at us from North and the South that this very government could not stop? Have we forgotten humiliating ceasefire with Hezbollah? Have we forgotten Gilad Shalit, Regev and Goldvasser? Have we forgotten the corruption allegation regarding the Prime Minister of Israel? Have we forgotten the rape allegation on Haim Ramon? Have we forgotten the negotiations regarding the division of Jerusalem and the withdrawal from the Golan Heights? Have we forgotten soon to be nuclear armed Iran? Let me make myself clear this government has brought Israel into the most dangerous state that it has ever been since the 1948.

Can Israeli’s be that easily manipulated? Time will show.

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MEDIA and Heads of State.

Posted by JewishRefugee

Here we go again, media biases and political leaders of different countries are trying to delegitimize Israel’s sovereign right under the international law to protect itself and live in security. After all there are two fronts in a war there is military front and public relations (PR) front. Both are important but they should be mutually exclusive not inclusive. Military establishment should be free from the media pressure to do their job freely. Or we are going to have another Lebanese war where IDF was on the leash and they could not do their job properly after all how can you do it properly when media is everywhere exaggerating every military action? When the world outcry is so strong, because those who are watching in Europe, U.S., Canada, and other countries that are living in warmth, security, and where they have never seen qassam rockets as their everyday life. They denounce Israel’s rights because they are not in Israel’s shoes. No media should be allowed into the war zones, war is war and it should not be a pleasant place.

As for the heads of state and different entities who denounce Israel’s rights, I have no other explanation for them other then they are on terrorist countries payroll or anti-Semitic. United Nations and European Union is under the oil countries payroll, therefore we should not take into the consideration their outcry.

Jews and non-Jews understand that there are no half-truths, no peace is possible with our enemies, and above all it is our sole right to protect ourselves.
We should seek victory and victory alone.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Created or Reestablished?

Posted by JewishRefugee

What is the difference between the words create and reestablish? According to, to create is to cause to exist; bring into being. As for the word reestablish is to bring back into original existence, use, function, or position. With that in mind, was the modern State of Israel created or reestablished?

I have mentioned in my previous posts (West Bank or Judea and Samaria) that the war of words is on, within the context of distortions regarding this conflict. It seems that media, politicians, historians, and so forth are trying to distort the meaning of two words when it comes to Israel. The basic idea is that Jews came in huge waves from Europe before and after holocaust to grab and steal the land from so called Palestinians. Then Jews proclaimed their independence with help of Great Britain and the U.N. In other words Western countries in conspiracy with Jews divided British Mandate. So the question arises who gave right to the U.N. divide the land that belonged to indigenous people of that region?

But those who ask this question forget or willing fully distort that the Jews are the indigenous people of that region that Jews were exiled by the series aggressors. That the Jews outnumbered Arabs 2:3 in Jerusalem even before emigration from Europe ever started, that there are remains of two Jewish Temples on which they have built a masque. That there are tombs of our forefathers in Hebron, and the list goes on. They have forgot that one of Muslim prophets by the name Musa (Jewish: Moshe, English: Moses) have received Torah from G’d, in which it says that this land is promised to the Jews. Muslims supposedly accept everyone from Abraham to Jesus, everything from Torah to the Christian Bible. But yet they do not accept the written words in them. We are supposedly the people of the book, but it does not deter them from wishing our destruction.

So the question arises who gave right to the U.N. divide the land that belonged to indigenous people of that region? Who gave the right to Russia to divide Central Asia into Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and so forth? Who gave the right to divide Eastern Europe? Who gave the right to divide India?

Let us zoom into the Middle East for matter of division, reestablishment, and creation. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Israel was not the only county that emerged, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and Lebanon were created note the key word created. Kurdish population still has no sovereignty their lands were divided among newly formed Iraq and Syrian also Turkey and Iran. While Israel on the other hand was reestablished, going back to the definition of this word we can logically connect Ancient Israel to the Modern State of Israel by using the word reestablish. Due to this reason that the sovereign Jewish State existed before with all the necessary requirements of a sovereign state such as a government, army, court of law, and so forth.

Now that we have covered that the modern State of Israel was reestablished not created, we can therefore conclude that Jews are the indigenous and have every right to that land from religious as much as secular perspective.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Self Destruction! “Democracy“

Posted by JewishRefugee

Our enemies have tried to destroy us so many times, its main tool that they used during the times Crusades to destroy them and the conquests prior to that was the use of force (military force). But they have understood that they are so far behind technologically that they cannot challenge us militarily anymore. With that in mind, the military aspect as a tool is gone (or not real), but the notion of destroying us have always been there and will remain. So our enemies have readjusted their tactics to represent present day reality on the ground. Our enemies have understood that in order to destroy our (Western) way of life is to use our own precious way of life or democracy. In other words, the tactic has changed which is now democracy but the strategy has remained the same to destroy the Western World.

You might rightfully ask how in the world they could use democracy to destroy democracy. Here are couples of examples Hamas terrorists have won the democratic elections in Gaza. So is Gaza a democratic territory? This one is within proximity to Israel but how about the growing community in Europe of our enemies, where they could in about 50 years has significant voting power to make major political shifts in those countries. In Russia the Slavic majority is going to become a minority soon. So what do we have? We have Europeans, Russian, among others that are reproducing and fast rate or competitive rate and the new inhabitants reproducing at a great paste. The question may arise what is wrong with that? Why is that a negative trend or a correlation? The problem is that there is no so called melting pot, they are not assimilating, they still believe in their barbaric beliefs, they still believe that we are ought to be destroyed, they still believe we are infidels, and so forth. I guess democracy after all has become a great weapon to fight us.

They will use our rules and regulations, our courts, our justice system, to beat us. Perhaps one day there would be a leader in one of the European countries that would represent our enemies. The raw statistics have shown that this trend is strong thus the correlation is a fact it is just a matter of time or should I call it a time bomb. Our enemies besides democracy use other things that we cherish as their weapons, they use airplanes to bring down towers, they use video cameras to record their killings of infidels, they use internet to broadcast their video recordings. They use Public Relations (PR) tactics to sell their cause to suckers around the world using telecommunications. They use everything that we have made for the greatness of humanity as a progress of humanity to destroy that greatness and progress. There was one person in the U.S. by the name Joseph McCarthy who was a senator of U.S. congress who roughly said that no external power can destroy U.S., but he did say only from the inside can the United State be destroyed. He was crucified for his scare tactics then and discredited, but he was right. Only from the inside we can be destroyed.

This is a very important aspect so I will continue to update with examples that might emerge.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do We Have Another Option?

Posted by JewishRefugee

Recently, Israel was swept by internal party primaries among one them was the internal elections in Likud. After the primaries in Likud came to an end, the controversy around the Moshe Feiglin began to emerge. In the normal democratic country that praises it’s so called democratic system we would have had extended our congratulations to Moshe and the other winners, but on the contrary Moshe Feiglin was moved and robbed of his 20th place to the 36th place due to the internal scam in Likud. When I say internal scam I mean Binyamin Netanyahu. So the question emerges can we trust Likud with the faith of the State of Israel? The answer to this question is another question (question for question). Do we have another option? To our dismay we don’t have another option.

There are people like Avigdor Leiberman, Effie Etam, among other few but their respective parties do not have the power to get the a significant vote from the Israeli people. I wish I was wrong, I wish Israelis wanted a Jewish State not a Secular State where religion does not make you a fanatic but rather than a normal citizen of this country. Where by being pro-Israel, against giving anymore land, protecting your rights, and so forth you would not be called right fanatic. But this is just my wishes; let us get back into the reality of the situation. I have been reading comments on JPost, YnetNews, and other news portals and I hear your pain regarding this unfair adjustment in the Likud’s party roster. I hear that a lot of people are now switching the party that they going to vote for because they do not rightfully so trust Binyamin Netanyahu.

For those of you who are having doubts which I do not blame you for, who do you, want to run the country after February elections? Kadima? Labor? Or other incompetent parties that have brought us to where we are; we have to understand in order to lead this country we need one party to have a significant mandate, or we will have different parties trying to negotiate politics in their own terms and no decision will be taken. We need a strong party to make decisive moves in terms of Iran and its proxy terrorist. We need decisive government to withstand this economical crisis. We need a government that does not have to bow to parties like Labor or Kadima to join them in order to make a majority coalition.

Yes here I am asking you to vote for Likud not because I like Benyamin Netanyahu but because he is not the only one who represents this party, there are people like Benny Begin who withdrew from the government during the Oslo agreements; there are others that worth our vote besides Netanyahu, Moshe Feiglin is still there. Vote for Likud after all Do We Have Another Option?

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