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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do We Have Another Option?

Posted by JewishRefugee

Recently, Israel was swept by internal party primaries among one them was the internal elections in Likud. After the primaries in Likud came to an end, the controversy around the Moshe Feiglin began to emerge. In the normal democratic country that praises it’s so called democratic system we would have had extended our congratulations to Moshe and the other winners, but on the contrary Moshe Feiglin was moved and robbed of his 20th place to the 36th place due to the internal scam in Likud. When I say internal scam I mean Binyamin Netanyahu. So the question emerges can we trust Likud with the faith of the State of Israel? The answer to this question is another question (question for question). Do we have another option? To our dismay we don’t have another option.

There are people like Avigdor Leiberman, Effie Etam, among other few but their respective parties do not have the power to get the a significant vote from the Israeli people. I wish I was wrong, I wish Israelis wanted a Jewish State not a Secular State where religion does not make you a fanatic but rather than a normal citizen of this country. Where by being pro-Israel, against giving anymore land, protecting your rights, and so forth you would not be called right fanatic. But this is just my wishes; let us get back into the reality of the situation. I have been reading comments on JPost, YnetNews, and other news portals and I hear your pain regarding this unfair adjustment in the Likud’s party roster. I hear that a lot of people are now switching the party that they going to vote for because they do not rightfully so trust Binyamin Netanyahu.

For those of you who are having doubts which I do not blame you for, who do you, want to run the country after February elections? Kadima? Labor? Or other incompetent parties that have brought us to where we are; we have to understand in order to lead this country we need one party to have a significant mandate, or we will have different parties trying to negotiate politics in their own terms and no decision will be taken. We need a strong party to make decisive moves in terms of Iran and its proxy terrorist. We need decisive government to withstand this economical crisis. We need a government that does not have to bow to parties like Labor or Kadima to join them in order to make a majority coalition.

Yes here I am asking you to vote for Likud not because I like Benyamin Netanyahu but because he is not the only one who represents this party, there are people like Benny Begin who withdrew from the government during the Oslo agreements; there are others that worth our vote besides Netanyahu, Moshe Feiglin is still there. Vote for Likud after all Do We Have Another Option?

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chaim said...

finally someone who writes well we must beileve in LIKUDNIKIM you!! whoever u are keep writing! keep writing!

JewishRefugee said...

Chaim I am like the rest of you out there, who is really fed up with all the disinformation, distortions, propaganda, and so forth.

I am tired of the present Israeli government because they continuoulsly show their will to destroy Israel.

But you know what I am not tired of? Is to bring the information to those who are willing to read, learn, and of course challenge those posts that I have written.

I would always support Israel and my mission here is to bring together a strong force, a community of the same minded. After all, we are Jews and we are only safe when Israel safe.

colemeister said...

JewishRefugee - right on. I am fed up with Israel doing nothing. It is important to consider the international consequences when dealing with the Gaza strip, but Israel is defensively prepared for any consequence. I believe that a new ruling party in Israel will be beneficial to the security of the people.

Correct me if I am wrong, but does it not seem like the current government thinks of an Israeli citizen that as much as a citizen in the Gaza strip? Sure it is important to care for others, even the ones that have big mouths (but won't do anything - the Gaza population - not Hamas, but you HAVE to protect your people and care more for Israelis over ANYBODY else. Every other nation cares most for the protection of its own citizens, why does the current government care just as equally for the Arabs living in the Gaza strip? I wonder..

JewishRefugee said...

It is a good question Colemeister, but it is more deeper than the government itself. In my opinion (My Opinion) Israel is split up into different levels. We have secular and religious, we have rich and those that live below powerty, we have left and right. To make it easier there are two sections which is o.k. but the problem is that those who are better off tend to be supporting the current state of Israel weakness, land for peace, we are secular we don't need Jerusalem give half of it away. There is global economical crisis they still better off. They need no war because they have good houses, cars, jobs, lifestyle they do not want to risk it. They live in Tel-Aviv and other parts of the country where rockets havent hit yet. That segment also influences political life of Israel. But they don't understand it is short term.

On the other hand we have the other segment that are too busy with their survival they don't even have time to vote or even protest. Basically this segment is in the noose which is controlled by the government the government holding the noose tight just enough for this segment of population to be alive but not enough to participate in political life of Israel.

It is sad but the Israeli government represents slim minority of people. By the way, there are those who are still brainwashed that peace is still feasible and they too support this government.

Also, our government officials have a lot of assets (Homes, Villas, Business, of shore bank accounts) in Europe, U.S., and other continents and countries so if U.N. or E.U. rules out that Olmert or Barak have commited crimes against humanity then all those assets will be gone.

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