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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jerusalem: Western Wall Live

Posted by JewishRefugee

Dear Readers,

I just could not keep myself from sharing this link to this great website.
I have been to Israel twice in my lifetime; I have been in almost all of Israel except Eilat. But there is no place that I love the most in Israel unlike Jerusalem at the Western Wall. I consider myself lucky that I had the opportunity to travel there twice, but there are those who have never been to Israel at this unexplainable in words place Jerusalem at the Western Wall. It is truly unique place to be there physically, but for those who don't have the opportunity and wonder how it is there; here is a website to live streaming broadcast with audio.

It is the best website in the world.

Next Year in Jerusalem!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Until the Next Elections?

Posted by JewishRefugee

Long Live Greater Israel!
March 28, 2005
Kadima 29 mandates
Likud 12 mandates
Yisrael Beitenu 11 mandates
Labor 19 mandates
United Torah J. 6 mandates
Meeretz 5 mandates
Shas 12 mandates

February 10, 2009
Kadima 28 mandates
Likud 27 mandates
Yisrael Beitenu 15 mandates
Labor 13 mandates
Shas 11 mandates
Meeretz 3 mandates
United Torah J. 5 mandates

Change in Mandates
Kadima -1
Likud +15
Yisrael Beitenu +4
Meeretz -2
Shas -1
United Torah J. -1
Labor -6

and so forth
The trend is strong and it is good there is a migration from the left camp to the right camp. But Likud will have a difficulty rivaling with Kadima that has only lost one mandate. The nation is split. We need to do more so when next elections are going to come which will be sooner than later we would have a stronger voter turnout with great support for the right camp.

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Outcome of the Elections

Posted by JewishRefugee

What do the election results mean?

Israel is split in a time when we cannot afford to be shattered. There are still good chunk of the voting population that still believe and romanticize about the so called Peace Process a.k.a. capitulation of Israel.

That also means that once again Israel is going to have a weak government; because during the formation of the coalition small parties will demand unthinkable and big parties will not have an option rather than to bow since every mandate counts. We will have another early elections guaranteed.

With that in mind can Israel meet the challenges that are at all time high with Obama in the office, with Iran about to have nuclear bomb, negative world opinion, hateful U.N. and so forth?
And for those who have voted for Kadima know that if anything happens to Israel or if the Jews around the world will suffer because of their actions on a major scale we will not forgive you.
You have not learned your lessons but if Kadima with Livni will take over there would not be another chance for you to finally get it.

Join me in prayers that right wing will lead Israel.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Join the Cause!

Posted by JewishRefugee

Chabad Jewish Community Center
435 West Main Street ¨ Aspen, Colorado, 81611 ¨ (970) 544-3770 ¨

Dear Readers,

Last year, the Chabad Jewish Community Center, UJA Aspen Valley and Challenge Aspen, hosted a group of disabled Israeli war veterans for a week of therapeutic, recreational and inspirational activities in our community. The program was one of the most heartwarming and meaningful we have ever undertaken, which is why when my friend, Rabbi Menachem Kutner, Director of Victims of Terror Support Group in Israel, called and asked if we’d be willing to host another group this year, I couldn’t say “yes!” fast enough.

Nancy and Steve, I invite you to join me in performing this most incredible and rewarding mitzvah again this year.

From March 26 - April 3, we will be hosting a group of heroes from Israel, providing them lodging in our center, three meals a day and coordinating a full schedule of programs and activities including a beautiful “Welcoming Reception & Shabbat Experience” with our spirited and hospitable community, and five days of skiing with the dedicated staff and volunteers of Challenge Aspen.

Challenge Aspen makes skiing a possibility for all disabilities. By providing patient direction and assistance, and utilizing adaptive ski equipment, they enable the physically impaired to go beyond their limitations and see all that still exists in their new and challenging lives. Physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, they enjoy a level of renewed confidence, serenity and exhilaration that few other experiences provide.

We are all citizens of Israel. These are our brothers. The sacrifices they made – the bullets they took, the shrapnel they absorbed, the loss of limb and mobility they suffered – they made on behalf of us all. Giving them back an experience like this is one of the most gratifying actions we, as a community, can take. I hope you will see the value of joining me in this effort.

The cost to us – including airfare, food, accommodations, special care and entertainment – is approximately $4,000 per visitor. Enclosed please find a form outlining various levels of support you can undertake – from $300 to sponsor a visitor for one half day to $4,000 to sponsor a visitor for the entire week. Whichever level you choose, I assure you that the joy you derive from this gift will warm your heart and touch your soul in a very deep and lasting way.

I also hope that you will mark your calendar for the “Welcoming Reception and Shabbat Experience” with our special guests on Friday night, March 27th. Last year, the uplifting singing, sharing and storytelling continued well into the night. You won’t want to miss it.
Looking forward to your partnership and participation in this beautiful endeavor, I remain,


Rabbi Mendel Mintz
Director - Chabad Jewish Community Center

Rob Leavitt
UJA Aspen Valley Campaign Chair

PS – You can also sign on with your sponsorship on line at For further information, please feel free to call me at 970-544-3770.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Elections for Survival!

Posted by JewishRefugee

I was thinking on how should I name this post for a long time now and I finally came to a conclusion. The reasons for the name Elections for Survival are many but I would like to concentrate on the most important ones'.

1. Soon to be nuclear armed Iran. (Hezbollah, Hamas, and Syria)
2. Administration change in U.S. that will force Israel to make “painful concessions.”
3. Overwhelming growth of Anti-Semitism around the world.
4. World Economic Crisis.

I am really tired of bashing current Israeli government so I will constrain myself by just saying that Kadima and Labor are not strong enough, not smart enough, not experienced enough, and above all not patriotic enough to lead Israel when everyone around the world is against Israel.
Let us not forget that the only reason that Tzipi Livni (Kadima) could not form a coalition because she wanted to give away half of Jerusalem. Don’t forget that Labor withdrew from south Lebanon and then we had Second Lebanese War. Don’t forget that Kadima withdrew from Gaza and now we have terrorist enclave within reach of major Israel cities. In other words, we cannot vote for the same parties and wait for different outcome.

We need leaders that don’t collapse in front of important decisions or at the pressure of world. We need leaders that fight for the national interests not for their bank accounts in Europe. We need leaders that understand simple truth that there is no such a thing is peace process, there is not such a thing as two-state solution, we need leaders that are not afraid to say we are fighting against Arabs (Palestinians) not just Hamas. Palestinian Arabs chose Hamas, thus when Israel fights Hamas they fight Palestinians Arabs. We need leaders that can say that Hamas is just the same as Fatah no such a thing as moderates. We need leaders that fight until the victory is reached, unlike those that are afraid of victory and tell the whole world that Israel is tired of winning.

The question will now arise who among our contestants have those qualities? This I will leave up to you to decide if you have a name please share it with us in the comments section.
Also there is another question, which party among our contestants does not have those qualities?

Kadima, Labor, Meeretz, and Shas
Please challenge what I have just said and support your side.

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