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Monday, December 15, 2008

Self Destruction! “Democracy“

Posted by JewishRefugee

Our enemies have tried to destroy us so many times, its main tool that they used during the times Crusades to destroy them and the conquests prior to that was the use of force (military force). But they have understood that they are so far behind technologically that they cannot challenge us militarily anymore. With that in mind, the military aspect as a tool is gone (or not real), but the notion of destroying us have always been there and will remain. So our enemies have readjusted their tactics to represent present day reality on the ground. Our enemies have understood that in order to destroy our (Western) way of life is to use our own precious way of life or democracy. In other words, the tactic has changed which is now democracy but the strategy has remained the same to destroy the Western World.

You might rightfully ask how in the world they could use democracy to destroy democracy. Here are couples of examples Hamas terrorists have won the democratic elections in Gaza. So is Gaza a democratic territory? This one is within proximity to Israel but how about the growing community in Europe of our enemies, where they could in about 50 years has significant voting power to make major political shifts in those countries. In Russia the Slavic majority is going to become a minority soon. So what do we have? We have Europeans, Russian, among others that are reproducing and fast rate or competitive rate and the new inhabitants reproducing at a great paste. The question may arise what is wrong with that? Why is that a negative trend or a correlation? The problem is that there is no so called melting pot, they are not assimilating, they still believe in their barbaric beliefs, they still believe that we are ought to be destroyed, they still believe we are infidels, and so forth. I guess democracy after all has become a great weapon to fight us.

They will use our rules and regulations, our courts, our justice system, to beat us. Perhaps one day there would be a leader in one of the European countries that would represent our enemies. The raw statistics have shown that this trend is strong thus the correlation is a fact it is just a matter of time or should I call it a time bomb. Our enemies besides democracy use other things that we cherish as their weapons, they use airplanes to bring down towers, they use video cameras to record their killings of infidels, they use internet to broadcast their video recordings. They use Public Relations (PR) tactics to sell their cause to suckers around the world using telecommunications. They use everything that we have made for the greatness of humanity as a progress of humanity to destroy that greatness and progress. There was one person in the U.S. by the name Joseph McCarthy who was a senator of U.S. congress who roughly said that no external power can destroy U.S., but he did say only from the inside can the United State be destroyed. He was crucified for his scare tactics then and discredited, but he was right. Only from the inside we can be destroyed.

This is a very important aspect so I will continue to update with examples that might emerge.

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Anonymous said...

Let be strait, Arabs understand that Israel very strong and they need Peace process. War will benefit the Israel. Because the EU may show the ass to Jews like in WW2, secure the ammunition supply from new Powers-India, China. They ready to enter in the ME and kick out EU.

Anonymous said...

Every big politician in EU by using so called "crisis" stole the money from the treasury. Now time to send them ultimatum. Or they will support Israel to create defensible borders and transfer the Arabs, or they will face the music

Anonymous said...

Just 7 short years after 9/11, US citizens were ignorant enough to take a chance on a person with Muslim roots. Obama may not pan out to be a Muslim sympathizer, but just taking the chance that he might be is foolish, considering the consequences. People with Jewish ancestry put him where he is. I can't understand why Jews continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

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