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Friday, December 26, 2008

Created or Reestablished?

Posted by JewishRefugee

What is the difference between the words create and reestablish? According to, to create is to cause to exist; bring into being. As for the word reestablish is to bring back into original existence, use, function, or position. With that in mind, was the modern State of Israel created or reestablished?

I have mentioned in my previous posts (West Bank or Judea and Samaria) that the war of words is on, within the context of distortions regarding this conflict. It seems that media, politicians, historians, and so forth are trying to distort the meaning of two words when it comes to Israel. The basic idea is that Jews came in huge waves from Europe before and after holocaust to grab and steal the land from so called Palestinians. Then Jews proclaimed their independence with help of Great Britain and the U.N. In other words Western countries in conspiracy with Jews divided British Mandate. So the question arises who gave right to the U.N. divide the land that belonged to indigenous people of that region?

But those who ask this question forget or willing fully distort that the Jews are the indigenous people of that region that Jews were exiled by the series aggressors. That the Jews outnumbered Arabs 2:3 in Jerusalem even before emigration from Europe ever started, that there are remains of two Jewish Temples on which they have built a masque. That there are tombs of our forefathers in Hebron, and the list goes on. They have forgot that one of Muslim prophets by the name Musa (Jewish: Moshe, English: Moses) have received Torah from G’d, in which it says that this land is promised to the Jews. Muslims supposedly accept everyone from Abraham to Jesus, everything from Torah to the Christian Bible. But yet they do not accept the written words in them. We are supposedly the people of the book, but it does not deter them from wishing our destruction.

So the question arises who gave right to the U.N. divide the land that belonged to indigenous people of that region? Who gave the right to Russia to divide Central Asia into Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and so forth? Who gave the right to divide Eastern Europe? Who gave the right to divide India?

Let us zoom into the Middle East for matter of division, reestablishment, and creation. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Israel was not the only county that emerged, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and Lebanon were created note the key word created. Kurdish population still has no sovereignty their lands were divided among newly formed Iraq and Syrian also Turkey and Iran. While Israel on the other hand was reestablished, going back to the definition of this word we can logically connect Ancient Israel to the Modern State of Israel by using the word reestablish. Due to this reason that the sovereign Jewish State existed before with all the necessary requirements of a sovereign state such as a government, army, court of law, and so forth.

Now that we have covered that the modern State of Israel was reestablished not created, we can therefore conclude that Jews are the indigenous and have every right to that land from religious as much as secular perspective.

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