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Saturday, December 27, 2008

MEDIA and Heads of State.

Posted by JewishRefugee

Here we go again, media biases and political leaders of different countries are trying to delegitimize Israel’s sovereign right under the international law to protect itself and live in security. After all there are two fronts in a war there is military front and public relations (PR) front. Both are important but they should be mutually exclusive not inclusive. Military establishment should be free from the media pressure to do their job freely. Or we are going to have another Lebanese war where IDF was on the leash and they could not do their job properly after all how can you do it properly when media is everywhere exaggerating every military action? When the world outcry is so strong, because those who are watching in Europe, U.S., Canada, and other countries that are living in warmth, security, and where they have never seen qassam rockets as their everyday life. They denounce Israel’s rights because they are not in Israel’s shoes. No media should be allowed into the war zones, war is war and it should not be a pleasant place.

As for the heads of state and different entities who denounce Israel’s rights, I have no other explanation for them other then they are on terrorist countries payroll or anti-Semitic. United Nations and European Union is under the oil countries payroll, therefore we should not take into the consideration their outcry.

Jews and non-Jews understand that there are no half-truths, no peace is possible with our enemies, and above all it is our sole right to protect ourselves.
We should seek victory and victory alone.

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