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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spoiled Opportunity

Posted by JewishRefugee

In addition to the previous post, “Until the Next War,” I wanted to add onto that topic but under a new title, thus shifting a bit. It is no secret that the present government of Israel that had more than 2 years to respond to Hamas’ hostilities towards Israel from Gaza picked one month before the elections in order to survive the blow that awaited them on February 10, 2009.
Our brave soldiers have done their job, on the contrary the current government of Israel (Kadima and Labor) have proved the real reason as to why the war started by not capturing Gaza City and Philadelphi Corridor, thus living Hamas leadership in control of the main Gaza sites.

The outcome of this war was world condemnation on Israel’s actions which I completely pay no stock upon but above all the missed opportunity due to the ceasefire talks that has clouded the U.N., Israel, Egypt, U.S., and other parties. I don’t believe that our soldiers have sacrificed their lives for this, another lull until the next war. I don’t believe that Israeli residents, Jews in the Diaspora and Israel’s friends around the world supported this war for another one to come from the same old Gaza Strip. But what I do believe in is that the current government of Israel has spoiled the chance for the new government to come and fight this very war. When I say spoiled, I mean that this war could have had a different ending unlike what is being put forward and accepted by the coward government of Kadima and Labor.

Israeli’s and Jews around the world please do not forget the fundamental reason as to why Israel was reestablished in the first place, this fundamental reason is the hatred towards Jews around the world. Anti-Semitism will spread eventually to all parts of the world and our last chance is Israel.

Furthermore, if this operation Cast Lead will end in another ceasefire with Hamas in power, without the return of Gilad Shalit, and complete halt to smuggling of weapons. This war is to be deemed unjustified.

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marcel said...

Is the second failure after Hizbollah in Lebanon, Gaza the death knell for the failed secular Jew in position of Israeli Leadership ?

Israel keeps electing secular losers again and again as they ignore Hashem again and again.
This has go to end.

The Lord said He would return His people to Israel .
The dry bones of Ezekiels vision eventually becoming a spiritual nation in God's ordained stages.
It must be close to the time that the secular Jew is replaced with the spiritual Jew who seeks God for peace and not failed man and their failed delusion which never deliver.
I am so fed up with the secular stranglehold in Israeli leadership that I pray for God to end it soon.

The grave of the secular Jew rests in Gaza where the failed left and their failed agenda brought us the unrestrained rise of Hamastan ,Gaza as well as their limited war of no goals and their failure to defeat Hamas.
RIP dear godless,secular,faithless Jew,your time is over,you have failed again and again.The Jews who prostitute themselves for the world's agenda to carve up and dismantle Israel under the delusion of peace with Islam (which is impossible),its time to end your miserable, failed peace for rockets and defeatist ways.
Once again we see the failed left snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in their failure to send a crushing blow to Hamas.They are quick to voice their weakness and capitulation to the enemies of Israel.The defeatist parties of Kadima and Labor who have no faith in God quickly succumb to Hamas and outside pressure to end this before there is any real victory.Hamas remains firm knowing Israel's godless leaders always bend and retreat ,having no moral compass or foundation they are willing to stand on.These secular Jew who believe in nothing but their ego's are so easily seduced and bought off. Nothing but empty words from these secular Jews who have shown their weakness and capitulation time and again in the face of pressure.The Gilad Shalit's and Jonathan Pollard's suffer at the hands of such worthless leadership who cannot stand for anything but fall for everything.May this be the end of the faithless Jew who trusts in lies and delusion instead of Hashem

JewishRefugee said...

The problem in Israel or any other country in the Free World is that if you believe in G'd just a little bit you are accused of being a religious fanatic.

But I tell them this, I don't believe in G'd, I know there is G'd, and I know that everything that is in the Torah is going to happen one way or another. Israel trust onto G'd and He will deliver you.

marcel said...

' if you believe in G'd just a little bit you are accused of being a religious fanatic.'

But if you are a Hamas or Hezbollah or Saudi Wahabbi or Iranian religious fanatic ,that's ok with the world including the West.
You get a pass if you're a moslem fanatic,as we can see how Israel goes out of it's way to reward them for their bad behavior and punish fellow Jews for building homes.
They never get the pressure applied to them that Israell is pressured with.
They have more respect for the Islamic fanatics than they do Israel which has gone out of it's way to gain peace while Hamas is honored for doing the opposite.
No repsect for the weak,naive,gulliable Jew only for the strong extremist moslems.
They are always rewarded for their efforts to exterminate Israel.

It's only if your a Jew or Christian who believes strongly in God that you are considered a 'fanatic'.
It's past time to ignore what the worthless world has to say.

Anonymous said...

Time to admit that the great experiment of israel is OVER.
Arrest your corrupt political and military leaders and send them directly to the Hague.
Restore FULL rights to ALL Palestinians.
Until then, Israel is just a failed state in the eyes of the world.

JewishRefugee said...

I am not going to argue with you, becuase there is no point. Not because you are incapable of understanding but because you chose your way and only you can get out of it.

I was the same as you, I thought Israel was at fault as much as Arabs, but I got fed up and started to research this conflict and I came up with different conclusions.

It is not up to me or anyone else, it is only up to you to understand what is really going.

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