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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Until the Next War?

Posted by JewishRefugee

The fate of Israel is to win on the military front, but to this very day to be only defeated on the diplomatic front. As history shows in 1973 (Yom Kippur War) during the first successful couple of days for the Arab armies United Nations did not intervene on the Jewish side but opposite reactions was witnessed when the tide was turned around and the Jewish army was almost closing onto Cairo and Damascus. The whole world community was upset by the Israel’s actions and was calling for immediate ceasefire. In other words, when Israel is losing it is absolutely natural, but when Israel is winning it is absolutely unacceptable. Israel was never able to complete any of its wars, thus for war to be complete the change of the hostile government should be enacted. But Israel suffered high casualties during the War of Independence, the Six Day War, and the Yom Kippur wars only to see their enemies rebuilt for another round of fighting.

Now that we have covered the nature of the wars that Israel has been involved in, we have to ask ourselves a question. What is the point of fighting half wars, if we to only witness another war at our doorsteps very soon?

The operation Cast Lead is no different in regards of what is being described above. Israel was once again successful on the military front, but somehow HAMAS the defeated (almost) having a say in the negotiations. How is that possible? Because they know that Israel will not eliminate its government as it has done before it spared the hostile governments. This is the real deterrence for our enemies to know that they will be eliminated completely, not partially so they could rebuild again. Why is Israel giving away its military leverage for nothing but another short lull?

If Israel will not finish off Hamas completely, thus annex Gaza to its rightful owner Israel, we can record another unfinished war on Israel’s record.
So I guess, “Until the next war?”

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Anonymous said...

victory has 100 fathers, defeat is an orphan, Israel must keep it's head, while hamas loses theirs

Anonymous said...

I would like an answer as to why our Israelis have to be a ''wet nurse'' to GAZA while suppliny them with power, water, electrical, gas, medicines, etc. How did we get stuck being the wet nurse to these awful people who have nothing else on their minds but the 7th Century living and nothing but destruction. They have no mindset to create a nice world for themselves in their own place, like us jews did/do in a land taht was nearly barren 60 years ago.
It seems to me when Sharon agreed to withdraw from Gush Katif, and expelled all our own people, look what happened. Now what does the world suppose will happen if Israel concedes the west bank? nothing more but he same as gaza.
I do not understand why the world has trouble figuring this out in the media.
Look us jews have never been loved by the world and will never be. all we can hope for is to live our lives as best as we can either in Eretz Israel or in the Disapora. So far, in the usa, many of us jews forgot about religion in an effort to assimilate, which has not beeen good for our poeple overall, but justified anyways. We have/had to wander to survive.
The real issue here is the population explousion within the Muslim world which has embolden them to take over and further subjagate us with even more extremism and hatred.
sadly, it is or will be only a matter of time before it fully hits the usa.
In another 10-20 years or sooner, usa will be comparable to europe in its dhimmitude towards these people.
Sadly, history and law of survival of the fittest whereby one species or race will try to overtake a smaller one. it is a matter of time it seems to me. hate to sound so negative about this but look how far things have progressed in 70 years?
this is a fearful time again for us. only this time not in germany, but around the whole world now and especially for Israel.
-signed a very scared and despondent jew living in the disapora sadly in exile.

Anonymous said...

it's easy, when 1/5 the world population, 1,000,000,000 muslims see it that way, they work very hard, spending revenue from oil sales on propaganda against Israel... they donate to presidential libraries, universities, campaigns, they've caught on, and fixated their anti Israel agenda into every nook of western society

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