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Friday, January 16, 2009

Older or Newer?

Posted by JewishRefugee

Israel Act Now has recently undergone through changes, all the content is restored to its original state. Unfortunately the “followers” and “poll” sections could not have been saved. We at Israel Act Now cherish all of the followers and ask you to rejoin at your convenience.

These changes were made with help of our members, and I ask you to please share your views on the recent changes. After all this blog is yours as much as mine so if you want the older version of Israel Act Now to be restored just leave a comment. On the other hand, if you like the newer version we would like to know that too. If you have any ideas or suggestions we would be more than happy to incorporate them into our blog.

Kind Regards,
Israel Act Now

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Anonymous said...

good work,IAN

Why is Israel seemingly set to agree on a unilateral ceasefire ?
Are the clowns Barak and Livni fearful of defeating Hamas ?

The leadership has become too tired to win and can only grasp at a useless ceasefire which gives Hamas the open door to rearm and fight another day.
The darling idiot Livni raced to her masters in Washington for more worthless paper and empty promises to comfort Israel with.
My how the idol worshipers have such great faith in their useless idols even after the 100% record of failure starting with Oslo,Wye,Tenant,Mitchell,Zinni,Aquaba,Sharm El Sheikh ,Road Map,ect failures ect.
They have great faith in their useless idols to deliver Israel.
The concept of victory,defeating Hamas in Gaza is no longer a goal with the losers of Kadima and Labor.
They choose another failure for Israel.
The stupid leadership think that after many years of Egypt assisting Hamas in smuggling weapons into Gaza that anything wil change now with a worthless ceasefire.
It was not possible for Hamas to smuggle in Grads and Katushya's without Egypts help.
Now you will trust the wolf Egypt ?
Israel ,the peace is killing you.
It used to be that an ounce of pervention was worth a pound of cure but with Israel the fantasy truce and ceasefire has replaced both.
Not too long ago Israel understood the importance of defeating those who threatened it's existence.
The new Israel has degenerated under the U.S. led counterfeit peace scam to a nation which can only snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as we see the clowns Barak and Livni press for failure once again.
Once again no goals met , no Gilead Shalit but an emboldened and no where near defeated Hamas understanding Israel's weak and fearful state.
I am sure Kadima and Labor will dance around and call it another victory for Israel as the Kassems,Katushya,Grads and Fajhr rockets rain down on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem only days after their great diplomatic success of an agreement with pathological liars Hamas and the wolf Egypt..
All of this incompetence,defeatism,weakness and stupidity at the highest level make it sure that Israel will have to engage her last stand Sampson Option in the very near futute so that never again really means never again.

Shlo said...

I have reliable information to suggest that the independent media is being censored in Israel.
My sister works for a wire agency and there are reports of at least to IDF soldier kidnappings. In both cases orders to shoot both soldier and Hamas kidnapper were given. Apparently airstrikes were called in on one occasion.

I can understand the need to avoid another Shalit, but this is immoral. Shame on these cowards. They are worse than the enemy.

Shlo said...

Nice work on the website Ian.
I think some more publicising is needed as it is a bit light on incoming links!

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