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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Peace or Weakness

Posted by JewishRefugee

Israel since Oslo Accords has adapted the attitude that by giving a little bit more it would eventually bring the long awaited peace between Jewish State and its Arab neighbors. So far we have been proved otherwise, by giving away Judea and Samaria (so called West Bank) we have only witnessed and experienced an increase in terror attacks. By withdrawing unilaterally from Gaza Strip we now have Hamas that is armed with sophisticated weapons, launches qassam rockets at the Israeli towns, continuously trying to kidnap Israeli soldiers. The Israeli Arabs still commit acts of terrorism recent series of bulldozer attacks is the prove to that. The Arab Knesset members have committed traitorous acts by providing information to the enemy entities during Second Lebanese War, they have also inspired riots in Akko (Acre) during Yom Kippur.
Is Israel the only party that actually committed to peace? While the other side has declared all out war on Israel, does anyone really think that by giving away more land perhaps half of Jerusalem will bring the long awaited peace? Does anyone think that by giving away the Golan Height this action will bring the peace between Israel and Syria? To keep things in perspective does anyone think that by giving away Sinai Peninsula Israel has gained a firm peace accord with Egypt? Or does anyone think that this policy of capitulation only inspires Israel’s enemies to fight more eager because they take it as sign of weakness not as a sign of goodwill gesture? Kadima under the Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni, and slick Shoul Mofaz with the support of our brave defense minister Ehud Barak truly believe and act that way. Syria is trying to re-launch its nuclear reactor that was destroyed last September while Ehud Olmert is trying to re-launch the peace talks with Syria, Hamas has restarted the bombardments of the Israeli cities in the south while Ehud Barack is actively trying to escape any military incursion into the Gaza Strip while tenth of thousands of civilians are living in unthinkable conditions. Tzipi Livni is trying to concede half of Jerusalem for the so called peace process. What has Israel come to?

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Jay said...

Good article and i agree totally.
But what really worries me is what Bibi has been saying the last few weeks!. Obviously, with all the threats around us, Bibi is the only one that candle handle a forthecoming war on 3 fronts, but its worrying when a man who is supposed to be centre right, starts talking about helping the Pallies create a state through economic initiatives. He now thinks, like the left, that terrorists can be bought and they only hate us because of economic reasons and land issues.
But in my opinion,Gazza proves that all wrong!
Im just waiting to see if he is merely just pandering up to the new American government, and saying what they want to hear, or if he is serious.
I wont vote for him if he is serious about this.

Jay said...

Nice article
What bothers me the most is that now Bibi is turning face and talking like a leftist traitor......i just hope he is merely just pandering up to the new American administration, and doesnt mean what he has been saying the last few weeks.
If he does mean to help the Palastinians through financial initiatives......i wont vote for him!
Why these Politicians havent learnt through the Gazza experience, that the Arabs only use the invention of a Palestinian state to try and destroy us with! And the world is watching and believing their lies while our government supports them!!!!!!!

JewishRefugee said...

B. Netanyahu did surrender Hebron but it was surrendered before he came to power, so he was forced to respect the previous aggrements made. But the way it was surrendered did change significantly when he came, there were more security measures taken to protect the Jewish population, airspace (airport security), and so forth. What I am afraid the most is that Olmert will make contracts before the new government will settle and that will bound the new government to respect the fullish concessions that were made by Ehud Olmert and Kadima. (Golan Heights, Jerusalem, or even new PA STATE)

gregory said...


When Bibi became minister of economy in the Mahmoud Abbas government, Settlers decided-this is enough. The next day Settlers made declaration of Independence and created military alliance with China,Russia and Belarus

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