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Monday, November 17, 2008


Posted by JewishRefugee

There was one controversial question from the beginning of the modern State of Israel. Should Israel be a Jewish State or the land that would incorporate many nations and (or) groups of people without Jewish identity? It is so controversial, this question still hunts us down at this point of time. I have met people that feel both ways and there seems to be no consensus among Jewish people even in Israel. The strongest message that was ever sent by the Israeli government was when after the Six Day War the Jewish army finally united Jerusalem, and all of the sudden Israeli government surrendered the rights to the Temple Mount to Waqf (Muslim Authority) to oversee the religious sites. As I recall when Jordan armies have captured the eastern part of Jerusalem they have decimated Jewish synagogues and cemeteries. Another strong message was when Hebron was surrendered which is the City of Patriarchs. Let us not forget that Hebron is part of Judea and Samaria not the so called West Bank which is used to distort the Jewish connection to this land. So now we came to a point when the faith of unity of Jerusalem is at stake. With that in mind there is no clear line that can be drawn regarding this controversial issue. Do we want a Jewish State or just the land to live on?

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JewishRefugee said...

Come on show some passion.
No one is up to the task to voice opinions?

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