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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Outcome of the Elections

Posted by JewishRefugee

What do the election results mean?

Israel is split in a time when we cannot afford to be shattered. There are still good chunk of the voting population that still believe and romanticize about the so called Peace Process a.k.a. capitulation of Israel.

That also means that once again Israel is going to have a weak government; because during the formation of the coalition small parties will demand unthinkable and big parties will not have an option rather than to bow since every mandate counts. We will have another early elections guaranteed.

With that in mind can Israel meet the challenges that are at all time high with Obama in the office, with Iran about to have nuclear bomb, negative world opinion, hateful U.N. and so forth?
And for those who have voted for Kadima know that if anything happens to Israel or if the Jews around the world will suffer because of their actions on a major scale we will not forgive you.
You have not learned your lessons but if Kadima with Livni will take over there would not be another chance for you to finally get it.

Join me in prayers that right wing will lead Israel.

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Guran Walker said...

Israeli elections are sort of 'Claytons Elections' - the election you have when you don't have an election. For sixty years the response of Israeli politicians, to the creation of Modern Israel, has been to side with every enemy. The whole World has rejoiced on those rare occasions when Israel has reacted with fear and indignation to defend herself. But her politicians are like Samson looking for someone to divulge his secret to. We know the Secret - and we know Israeli politicians do not know the Secret. Israel has no need to be popular nor to be correct. As for the Arabs - they have their story and will die with the lie they live. Neither we in Diaspora nor those in Israel can prevent the Arab World from dying in its lie. Sadly, we too must pass through the veil with them. These are pivotal and Eternal Times. Five and a half thousand million have begun to die. "Few will survive" (Isaiah)

JewishRefugee said...

The secret is that we are Jews and Israel is a Jewish State and no matter what, we will always be the target.

The question is what do we do about it? Or what can we do about it?

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