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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Freedom of Bias vs. Freedom of Facts

Posted by JewishRefugee

1. You start by making an assumption about a subject or an object.

2. Then over the course of time you start to have people who are telling you that the assumptions are really true. And because of their position in the society people at large believe them.

3. Eventually because you see the subject or an object (externally) that makes you forget what is not seen (internally).

The visible the tangible obviously displaces the invisible and the intangible. So why bother with something you cannot see when you have so many of those that you can see,, and so forth.

The truth is being forgotten!

If you are stating the truth, the passage of time has no effect. Truth does not change in the course of time. But if you make an assumption, it?s your own idea; it?s your own opinion; with the course of time almost inventible you going to have to start lying. Because you are going to have to bolster your argument, particularly because people are starting to question; so in order to quell the people they had intensify the argument. And when that does not work then they have to again amplify the argument, ?if you do not do that then you are really in trouble.? Time is enemy of falsehood; time is not the enemy of truth. Truth becomes truer with passage of time. It was true yesterday the day before, it is true today, and truth loves time. Truth gets stronger with time but falsehood is afraid of time because time wears it down so it is inevitable that you are going to have to continue upping the ante and eventually you are going to have to start torturing people. Just like communism in the Former Soviet Union or when the Nazi?s gave a death penalty to those who would help Jews. After all, not every German was a Nazi. That is history, eventually if the people are rising against your assumptions; you as a ruler will have to start torturing people. Because how else do you keep a falsehood going. You only can fool people for so long and after you fool them you start exterminating them.

At the end of the day, the notion that the "Western World (U.S.A.) is hated because of Israel" is false. To the contrary, Israel is hated because of the Western World. An excellent question would be WHY!

It is simple

Israel is a democratic state that follows the rule of law.
Rule of Law has several factors:

1. Identity as a citizen
2. Voting as the primary action or behavior of the citizen
3. Regular political competition and contestation for power
4. Lively Party System
5. Orderly transition of power, finally;
6. Loyal Opposition

In other words, it is the only Western Style country in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern Governments feel threatened by Israel being in the middle and what it represents. If the majority of the Middle Eastern countries have a free vote tomorrow you will see those governments removed. My heart goes with the people of Iran who have been cheated during the recent elections thus breaking the fundamental principles of the Rule of Law. Not only they were cheated, they were not even allowed to peacefully protest.

Women in Israel have all the rights that are enjoyed in the Western Style Democracies. I hope I do not have to go into detail about the horrendous treatment of women in the Middle East.

Tolerances vs. Intolerance there are about 1.5 million Arabs living in Israel (Green Line). On the other hand if you count the Jewish population in the Middle East except Israel you will not count more than couple of hundreds of people in each country with an exception of Iran (20,000-25,000). Furthermore, since 1948-present there has been 850,000 Jewish Refugees from those lands. The question is how come no one talks about those refugees or the reparations for those refugees?

How come I cannot go to some Arab countries because I have an Israeli stamp in my U.S. Passport? I would really like to see some of the old places in those lands. After all there were indigenous Jewish communities for thousands of years residing in those places.

We as Americans should be proud of our contributions for the State of Israel, the forefront of Western values in the Middle East and remember that no relationship is a one way street; Israel taking from U.S. and that’s it. There is so much that the United States and humanity at large receives back from Israel; from basic things like cell-phones innovations and computer parts to alternative energy like solar panels and advanced search algorithms for Google. If I am not mistaking, the U.S. congress in 1998, has said that the Israeli intelligence services have provided more information than the CIA. I do not think you have to be financial analysts to figure out of what amount of money (in billions) we are talking about. It is wrong for us to make assumptions that are baseless.

That said, people who make assumptions that are baseless and erroneous are at best ignorant or at worse .....??

I have tried to use completely different angles that might have contributed to a little bit of chaos. But this subject is huge and equally important that this paper, book, or for that matter hundredth of books would not be enough to cover the real situation on the ground. But what I do want you take out of this (of course if you read it) whether you agree or disagree with me is a question; perhaps a desire for a question; to challenge what I have said or at least be a little bit more aware of the reality on the ground in the future. We all have personal lives (family, school, jobs, and so forth) we are bombarded with information 24/7 but that does not give us a right to remain ignorant. Just because you do not know a law it does not mean you are exempt if you break it.

If you have questions or comments please don’t hesitate to write me back.

Falsehood versus Truth comes from Rabbi Friedman.
The other information come from variety of other sources.

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