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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Two State Solution (Israel not included)

Posted by JewishRefugee

In the Middle East words and phrases have different meanings from those in the West. For example peace (West) means truce (Middle East). For Israel’s partners’ peace in Western terms for them means reconciliation; for reconciliation to occur there must be no foreign occupation of any part of Dar-al-Islam. That is exactly why they portray Israel as foreign occupants and migrants from Europe. That is exactly why they deny the Jewish History to Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem, Hebron, and other places that belong to Israel. In other words, deception is a major ingredient of their diplomatic war against the west.

With that in mind, here are some facts about the “Two State Solution”.

1. It means Second Palestinian State in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria (Jordan #1).

2. The right of return of the so-called Palestinian refugee (around 4,000,000 people) into mainland Israel.

3. JudenFree Judea and Samaria same as Gaza.

4. The end of Israel.

1. Look at the British Mandate of Palestine it incorporates present day Israel and Jordan; that was partitioned into “two-state for two people,” and ratified by the League of Nation the predecessor of the United Nations. Thus, Jordan is the first Palestinian State.

2. The United Nations recognized around 800,000 from 1940s- refugees from the Muslim lands but does not specifically say they were Jewish. The United Nations also recognizes around 600,000 so-called Palestinian refugees. But the major difference between the two of them is that the Jewish Refugees number remained the same but the Palestinian Refugees are accumulating number from 600,000 to now around 4,000,000. How is that possible? Well the U.N. based on unexplainable reason adds every Arab descendent from those 600,000 to that number. Well shouldn’t they use the same treatment for the Jewish Refugees there were absorbed by Israel and other countries?
With that in mind, 4,000,000 Arabs returning to Israel will make majority Arabs in Israel then Jews thus the end of the Jewish State.

3. Can someone explain to me one thing because I still don’t get it, why do the Jews had to leave Gaza or have to leave Judea and Samaria in the final settlement solution? While at the same time Israel has to absorb millions of Arabs? And how is it justified? Because in my understanding this is the repression of the Jews by the World Community who are supporting this including E.U., Russia, U.S.A. and other members of the quartet. This solution is blatant discrimination and suppression of the Jewish People in the only Jewish State in the world. This solution will bring apartheid where Jews will become second class citizens.

4. I do not think you have to be a political or strategic analyst to understand that this means the end of Israel.

Therefore, whoever is supporting the “two state solution” is not supporting Israel and Jordan but supporting Jordan and Palestine, thus the destruction of Israel.

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