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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Netanyahu has betrayed the Jewish State of Israel or did he?

Posted by JewishRefugee

Scenario I:
The newly elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched his campaign platform with three major points:

1. Nuclear Iran

2. Economic Recovery

3. Security of Israel

He refused to accept the Palestinian State as a possible outcome of the Arab-Israeli conflict before the elections. He gave us hope before the elections, the hope that has vanished after the Bar-Ilan University speech.

He has accepted the Palestinian State, he is now removing the Jewish outposts, they are removing roadblock and checkpoints, and they are removing Israeli Soldiers from the four major cities in Judea and Samaria. I hope I do not have to remind you of the ramifications of all those actions taken by our newly elected Prime Minister.

The question is what is the difference between Likud-led coalition and Kadima led coalition? Perhaps the question of unified Jerusalem that Netanyahu has said should be united Jewish Capital. But frankly, I do not believe Netanyahu since he has changed his mind so many times since he was elected Prime Ministers that I believe he might agree to Jerusalem becoming a capital of the second Palestinian State.

That said there is no difference between Netanyahu and Ehud Olmert they are both cowards when it comes to saying NO to Washington. Israel is left with no leaders that can protect it rights on the ground.

Scenario II:
The newly elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the newly elected president of the United States are engaged in a serious tactical maneuver.
The new Obama Administration is engaging the Muslim world, but at the same time distancing itself from the Israel. The question is why?

If Iran does not stop its nuclear program Israel will have to attack militarily the Iranian Nuclear Sites. The backlash against Israel is well known (huge), but United State’s interests in Iraq and Afghanistan might take a smaller backlash since Washington has distanced itself from Israel and even putting unprecedented pressure on the Jewish State. The Muslim world will not blame the United States for its cooperation with Israel.

Furthermore, the Arab world might be keener at helping the United States in the region if they see Israel being pushed around by the United States. That is why Netanyahu, Obama, Mitchel, Lieberman, Clinton, and others are playing this show of clash between Israel and the United States.

After all, Arab-Israeli conflict is Arab-Israeli Conflict not Persian-Israeli Conflict and they would love to see Iranian Nuclear Ambitions Destroyed.

The question is which of the scenarios is more realistic in this situation? I know the first one sound more realistic unlike the dream world of the second scenario. But the one certain thing in the political world is that it is very uncertain and any developments are possible.

What do you think?

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