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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Talkbackers at Ynet! "Challenge"

Posted by JewishRefugee

My Comment:
37. To Miso-Judaic Talkbackers

1. 12 Tribes of Israel were in possession of that land more than thousand years before Romans have ever emerged.

2. King David and Solomon were there way before the Romans and had Jerusalem as its capital.

3. Jerusalem is mentioned in Torah more than 200 times while Jerusalem in Quran is not even mentioned once.

4. As to those who claim AL Masjid Al Aqsa is mentioned in Quran for your information the Masque was built after Muhammad’s death so he could never been there. As far him going there on the horse in one night it is impossible what it says he flew there on the horse (half horse half human horse) that I leave up to you to decide whether horses fly or not.

5. There stood two temples and all of the artifacts to prove that Greater Israel including its capital Jerusalem were, are, and always will be Jewish.

The sooner you accept the truth and stop leaving in lies the better it is for all of us.

Observers Comments:

46. #37 I challenge you to quote where in Moses' Torah

Jerusalem was mentioned only once. One single quotation I'm awaiting for.


Here is my response to the observer and other Miso-Judaic talkbackers:


Side note:
Honestly, I feel sorry for all of you who deny the truth; it is not because you are inherently terrible or brainless it’s just your government or the environment you grew up in has brainwashed you for a long time. I was in the same situation before I came to the U.S.; I thought that it was Israel's fault and that Palestinians should take what belongs to them.

But after I found out about INTERNET, BOOKS, UNBIAS SELF-STUDY, and above all that HISTORY DID NOT START IN 1948 I began to feel ashamed that I let myself to be fooled in believing the lies that my government and the environment fed me.

That said, I hope you all will have the chance to look at the HISTORY from different perspective.

Like I said we are in different countries enjoying the perks of a great life; but those in Darfur, Sri-Lanka, Israel (Judea, Samaria, and Aza), Pakistan, and other places endure great suffering.

It might sound strange coming from me, but I feel sorry for Arabs living in Aza and Judea and Samaria because they are played as a bargain chip by the Arab, Iranian, Western, and other governments to promote their interest in the region and the world at large. The reason I feel sorry for them that they don’t understand that they are being fooled for the reason that they don’t have proper universal education that involves well rounded view about the world. They have the leaders that sacrifice them, rob them of their humanitarian aid (money and food). They just don’t have any representation. But above all they hate Israel and Jews more than they love life. I mean how desperate you have to be to hate life so much.

But this does not mean that Israel should be weak, on the contrary Israel should be an example to its neighbors. Israel is a democratic country that allows elections, freedom of press; it even allows enemies in the Israeli Parliament, and other freedoms that other Middle Eastern nations can only dream of. Therefore, you should praise Israel for its courage and follow their example. But because you just don’t want to think outside the box; you will bring more wars and more lives would be squandered for no reason.

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