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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Age of Liberal Internationalism

Posted by JewishRefugee

With a new administration in Washington our allies and friends are taking new approach in regards to their security affairs. I have posted not that long ago about Japan’s and South Korea’s frustrations regarding the United States’ passive actions towards North Korea launching a long range missile under the disguise of the experimental communication satellite. At the end of that post I said that “Alliances’ will be redrawn, and it will happen very soon.” Even though alliances’ are not yet redrawn as it takes more time than a month but we see a slight deviation in those alliances’.

Australia has just announced its plans to upgrade its air and navy forces by buying 100 F-35 Joint Strike Jetfighters and doubling the size of its submarine fleet. The official reason for this military buildup is the Chinese and other Asia-Pacific countries military buildup. The question is why now? After all the world is going through a severe economic downturn that is close to a magnitude of the Great Depression; thus this buildup will require tremendous amount of money. The Chinese did not start this military buildup last month it has been going on for quite some time already. South Korea and Japan are rethinking their military plans as well. What is with this shift in Asia-Pacific or is just Asia-Pacific perhaps there are other regions that are getting ready as well.

The answer lays in our new administration that has taken on a different approach (New Foreign Policy). After World War II ended, two new foreign policies emerged Containment and Global Meliorism. Containment was the military counterforce against the Soviet Union’s communist expansion. While Global Meliorism played the part of helping nation-states financially and theoretically to rebuilt and improve their life styles (World Bank, IMF, Marshal Plan, and so forth); in a way Containment and Global Meliorism were important to each other. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the age of Containment was irrelevant while the age of Global Meliorism ended after September 11, 2001. The Bush administration brought forth the policy of Preemption that is now being reversed with a full speed under the new administration. The question is where is it being reversed to? It is being reversed to the “Age of Liberal Internationalism.” By no means are Preemption or Liberal Internationalism are new concepts to the United States or the world history. But the problem with the Age of Liberal Internationalism that has taken place since 1919-1945 that is has failed and brought the bloodiest World War II. One might ask what the Age of Liberal Internationalism was. After World War I ended President Woodrow Wilson put forth the idea of International body that would put an end to bloody conflicts. The League of Nations was born the predecessor of the United Nations. Well there is no secret that it did not stop the World War II. The mechanism did not work the way it was supposed to.

Now that we have covered rudimentary concepts of the American Foreign Policies, let us now come back to what we were discussing. The new administration is surrendering its role that it has taken since 1945 and putting them into the hands of the International body that is called United Nations. Yes United Nations the impartial judge, peace loving, and so forth. Well at least that what it is on the papers in practice we all know what it is.

Well because those countries know what United Nations represents (nothing) and they are seeing that United States has begun abandoning its friends and allies; countries like Australia, Japan, and South Korea that used to rely on the United States to protect them are taking their security matters into their own hands. This did not start with these countries and it will not end with these countries; the world is about to rearm at a greater speed.

The question is what for? I hope you all know the answer!

2. The new American empire? By Jay Tolson

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