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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ynet News Talk Back!

Posted by JewishRefugee

The Yesha folly is over. You just will have to swallow it with pride. Jewish Refugee #4, on the contrary to what you wrote there will be no "new party". Those who share you vision 1) could not even form a united list 2) were not able to get more than a handful of Knesset seats. Furthermore an avalanche of votes went to Lieberman who openly advocates the 2-state solution. The vision of the rightist victory shrinks at every closer look at the election results. Since you've apparently found a safe refuge in the US, please stay there and let us deal with our state.

By Avi from Israel

My Response,

Never say never! New Party through revolution is possible. No one thought that Israel can be reestablished after 1900 years or so but on the contrary there is one right now.

Yes Lieberman supports 2-state solution but please use your superior analytical skills as to why he does it.

Lieberman rejected Annapolis but embraced Road Map if you read it require two things for it to become real.

One is being the cessation of all hostilities towards Israel and

two a viable government of Arabs who could represent those in Gaza and Judea and Samaria. Until those two terms are fulfilled no process can be reached.

Lieberman knows very well that those things are not in the near future. We have Fatah and Hamas who are bitter enemies. But the cessation of terrorism is the core which will not be rooted our as it is who they are. In other words based on Road Map the Two State Solution is not feasible until Arabs start cooperating.

That is why Annapolis is gone.

As for your welcoming invitation to Israel, I would like to say that I always have said that no Jew is safe when Israel is in trouble. In other words, the Jewish Diaspora is safe because Israel is safe. Therefore, it is my duty to protect it.

Furthermore, Israel is the forefront of the Western civilization that is fighting for the justice and liberty against the Western Civilization's sworn enemies (Radical Islam). Therefore, Israel should be supported and protected by those who believe in Liberty and Justice no matter Jewish or not.

I forgive you for your thoughtfulness Avi and wish you a happy Passover.

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