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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Freedom of Speech VS. Incitement (ARAB FACTION OF GOVERNMENT)

Posted by JewishRefugee

Opposition is one of the greatest features that were ever integrated into the World Politics both domestic and internationally. But when the Arab faction (note) of the ISRAEL’S GOVERNMENT calls for the sanctions AGAINST ISRAEL it become an incitement rather than the freedom of speech that is given to the opposition. Therefore, it shows the fundamental flaw in the ISRAELI POLITICAL SYSTEM in terms of the “rule of law” that each respected sovereign nation must have.

Rule of Law has several factors:

2. Voting as the primary action or behavior of the citizen

3. Regular political competition and contestation for power

4. Lively Party System

5. Orderly transition of power, finally;


I believe that the Arab faction broke numbers 1 and 6 of the rule of law that are the core of the rule of law of any sovereign country. Arab factions literally challenge the SOVEREIGNTY of ISRAEL by showing not the acceptable opposition but the threatening rebellion against the JEWISH STATE. It is not a state within a state yet, but it has strong potential to become one if Israel will not put an end to it.

Do you remember communist factions in the U.S. Congress during the Cold War? I hope not, because there were none; even though there communists in U.S. during that time. On the contrary, whoever was perceived note perceived as one would get kicked out of the congress. So why should Israel tolerate those traitors that “openly express” their wishes to harm the State of Israel. Note that openly express is in quotation marks that entails that it came to a point where they do not even care anymore if they perceived one way or another. Let alone about proving anything.

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