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Monday, January 19, 2009

From Compliance to Defiance! From Defiance to Compliance?

Posted by JewishRefugee

In the wake of what we are witnessing happening in Israel, I would like to address all the Jewish readers. Before I move on or before we all move on, I would like to reveal something about myself and I would like you to do it as well. I am a Jew who lives in a Diaspora; I am a Jew who lives in a Diaspora and I understand that anti-Semitism did not stop after the Holocaust; it just took a little break only to reignite again with an even stronger power; I am a Jew that lives in a Diaspora and I know that no place on earth will ever be safe for us; it is just the matter of time before the safe heavens for Jews will show its true colors as it did before again and again and again and again. Assimilation won’t help; intermarriage won’t help; nothing will help once a Jew always a Jew and unlike any other nation and/or religion on this earth there are consequences for being a Jew and I fully understand that. But I know one thing that there is one place on this earth where at least we can fight against those who want to exterminate us; against the inevitable anti-Semitic trend. As a Jew that lives in Diaspora, I can clearly see just as I can see the moon in the sky that without Israel as the only Jewish State no Jewish Soul in the world is safe only to become the sitting ducks for the next assault to come. I think, once again that is just my personal belief that in order to move on we as Jews have to understand these basic concepts.

Now that we have covered the basic Jewish reality, we shall move on. The modern State of Israel reemerged due the acknowledgment of this reality. It was built by the hands of those who defied the impossible and I do not believe it was built for those who comply with impossible. To our dismay the current situation in Israel shows how compliant the current Israeli government is. The very compliance that brought all the pogroms and holocaust, the very compliance that made the Jews homeless (Diaspora), the very compliance that makes our enemies bolder and more eager to destroy us. I do not believe that the modern State of Israel would have existed if the current Israeli government was in place of the one in 1947, in 1956, in 1967, and in 1973. Against all the odds they built and they fought for us and for generations to come.

Why do we have to be compliant to those who killed us and/or did nothing to stop it a.k.a. international community?

Why do we have to trust our security to those who killed us and/or did nothing to stop it?

Why do we have to give out our land to those who killed us and/or did nothing to stop it?

Have we become so morally corrupt that we cannot even see the obvious truth that we are Jews and that Jews do not survive because we are compliant we survive because we are defiant?

I truly hope that NEVER AGAIN will not become YET AGAIN!

Therefore, every Jew in Israel and every Jew in the Diaspora have to do anything they can to protect the State of Israel, our last chance.

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JewishRefugee said...

Sometimes bitter truth is better than sweet deception.

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