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Friday, November 21, 2008

Israel or Iran?

Posted by JewishRefugee

The information circling the news media that Iran has got enough enriched uranium to make at least one atomic bomb. How could Israel allowed for this to come this far? There is one simple answer to this question Israel has been betrayed by its own government, Ehud Olmert and Company. Now that we are at this point the more relevant question is what do we do or what can we do? Israeli military force can do a lot but it is useless when you lack strong leadership and the proof to that is the Second Lebanese War. I hate to say it but if Israel cannot destroy Hamas terrorists in Gaza how can we think that Israel can do something about Iran?

With that in mind, I want to go back to the title of this post as to why I called it Israel or Iran. It seems that the world has given up on stopping Iran, with Barack Obama in the White House there are more doubts now than we ever had before regarding his foreign policy (Israel in this case). On top of that Israel is being bashed right and left by the United Nations that was hijacked by the Arab Nations. In addition to that we have global financial crisis and the last thing that people want to see is another war.

But the bitterest development is that the Jewish people in Israel or in the Diaspora do not care about Israel. The prove for that is results of the presidential elections in U.S. and active government of Israel that should have been under the investigation not while at the office (Ehud Olmert) but at the prison cell. So Israel has two options. Option number one we revisit the Jewish history where we been killed and humiliated and no one helped us. With that in mind we put an end to the Iranian problem, Iran no more means no Hamas, no Hezbollah for sure, Syria will have to rethink its strategy. Of course the great cost to Israel, Israel hits Iran, it will have rockets flying from Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, even people inside Israel will attack the Jewish people.

The world establishment will condemn Israel harsher than in 1981. We would be alone but G’d will be with us. We will survive, we will rebuild, and we could say to our children that the promise was held, “Never Again.” Option number two we continue to appease the world establishment. Iran will continue building nuclear bombs and the only deterrent that Israel ever had (Nuclear Arsenal) will be useless and so when our peaceful neighbors will attack and attack they shall, we will surely be defeated. The wishes of those who wanted to push Jews to the sea will become reality, those who survive will be under the dhimmi state. Jewish people around the world will be humiliated that the only Jewish State was destroyed. Jewish people around the world would have nowhere to go. Anti-Semitism is already on the rise due to the financial crisis now imagine what would happen if Israel wasn’t around. Now let’s weight the two options in both options we will be condemned and hated, in option one, we could save Israel and millions of Jewish lives. I do have to admit that Iran will suffer tremendously but you know what when it comes between who is more important to me Israel or Iran, I don’t have to even think, it
is Israel.

Those who care about Israel, please write to your representative, senators, let them know on what you stand. Write letters and e-mails to the Israeli government.

Those who are in Israel get this government out of there is fast as possible, delegitimize them before it is too late. We cannot wait any longer we got to act now! Write to the editors of Ynet, Jerusalem Post, New York Times, and so forth.

Right, left, center, everyone we need your help to turn this dangerous tide.


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JewishRefugee said...

Come on show some passion.
No one is up to the task to voice opinions?

Jay said...

Looks like it.
I guess its because everyone knows what we have to do and feel helpless as our current government does nothing but talk.
They are too chicken shit and are obviously trying to get America to do it for them,.....looks like we will have to wait till after Feb.

JewishRefugee said...

I hope February will bring a positive wave or turn of events for Israel and the World as a whole.

Liora said...

Obama is a disaster for Israel, but Israel doesnt even need his help for destruction, we've been self destructing since Oslo.

JewishRefugee said...

Obama is just a figure, but that figure was chosen by 80% of Jewish people in U.S. So you are right Jewish people suffer from their own hands.

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